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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2018 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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in a society that expects them to be her children this is a burden many childless women in niger suffer from. a wife is only fully accepted upon motherhood. a very personal film about the suffering of childless women in. the fruitless tree starting january fourteenth on d. w. . if . this is g.w. news live from berlin the death toll rises in iran as its faces its most of violent
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unrest in years at least twenty people have been killed in nearly a week of protests around the country iran supreme leader accuses enemies of the nation of meddling in its affairs also coming up. with just over a month to go until the winter olympics south korea all first to hold talks with the north to discuss letting pyongyang's athletes participate in the winter games. and germany's new hate speech law is put to the test as twitter suspend the account of a far right lawmaker over her anti muslim tweet. and welcome to the program in iran violent demonstrations sweeping the country show no sign of easing after nearly a week of anti-government protests at least. many people have been killed and
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hundreds of others have been arrested the protests began over economic woes and rising food prices but have since turned into political rallies against the country's religious leadership iran's supreme leader has accused the country's enemies of stirring unrest. for more we're joined by a.f.p. correspondent eric randolph in tehran eric we're days into these protests people have died and the government is suggesting it will crack down on protesters how much of a threat are these demonstrations to the government. all those insurgents. and radical. reason ignition and learning that some don't. need any further than you can trust one of the people who will be contingent on. the middle east the key to making. any killing. he didn't. manage to be. significant economy.
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in the trucking running down and making sure those serving over eric randolph in tehran unfortunately the connection is not as strong as we would have liked to thank you for speaking to us now absent the other stories making news around the world hundreds of protesters have gathered in ukraine's capital kiev to demand an investigation into the death of a prominent lawyer arena was found dead on new year's day she'd face threats for helping to convict a well connected man in a case that was seen as a test of the ukrainian justice system. at least nine people have died and more than a dozen real wounded after rival gangs clashed at a jail in brazil officials say the violence erupted when inmates from one wing invaded another some hundred prisoners managed to escape during the fighting
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a few dozen have been recaptured. a new campaign against sexual harassment has just been launched in hollywood and it's already raised thirteen million dollars the time's up initiative has the backing of a list power players like reese witherspoon jennifer aniston and shonda rhimes it aims to help victims of sexual misconduct working in low income industries. with the winter olympics just over a month away now south korea has offered to hold talks with north korea on whether p.r. can send its athletes to the games south korea's president in said his country is ready to negotiate on letting north korea join next month a lympics hosted by the south but he stressed that north korea's nuclear threats would be a major point in any talks. let's go straight to seoul now and reuters senior correspondent josh smith is good to see you could this moment there's
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a limb pick diplomacy signal some kind of breakthrough and actually reduce tensions . well that's certainly what officials here in seoul are hoping this is something that south korean president. has been pushing for some time he has proposed to the americans for example to delay a major joint springtime military. drills until after the olympics they're hoping that. new year's speech maybe that opening that they've been looking for just a day to day per posed on january ninth to meet with north korean officials and discuss possibilities for their athletes visiting the games however there's been no response to that overtures from the north just yet ok and there's a bit of a time crunch as we mentioned earlier there's about a month away until those games how likely is it that the north will actually be able to send a team. well both sides do seem to be making
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at least some effort to make that happen obviously up until just a few days ago there has been no movement on behalf of the north although south korea as well as other of the. officials had repeatedly extended the invitation to the north now what remains to be seen is whether you know all this can be worked out you know a way that. works for both sides is likely to face at least some criticism from many members of the international community who worked for months now to try to isolate the regime in north korea over what they see as a rogue nuclear weapons program you mentioned the criticism and there's been some negative reaction already to the idea of north korea participating in the games i like to read out a tweet now from us republican senator lindsey graham he said this earlier allowing kim jong north korea to participate in the winter olympics would give legitimacy to
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the most illegitimate regime on the planet i'm confident south korea out will reject this absurd overture and fully believe that if north korea goes to the winter olympics we do not. that's the response from one senator in the u.s. how much influence can statements like this have on salt when it comes to engaging with its neighbor briefly if you can well there are certainly very powerful amends that i have expressed criticism one of the leading. members of all of this however will be u.s. president jiang trump who just today what you did as well but he said that it could or could not be a good move so obviously remains to be seen again just how influential some of these more hawkish members of the international community will be. in seoul thank you very much. and here in germany a member of parliament and
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a leading figure in the far right alternative for germany party could face charges of illegal hate speech for her angry tweet on new year's eve beatrix criticized police in the city of cologne for publishing a new year's greeting in arabic she said they were trying to appease quote barbaric gang raping hordes of muslim men the law makers tweet came as a new german law aimed at cracking down on online hate speech came into full effect according to the new law social media companies must delete potentially criminal posts within twenty four hours or face fines of up to fifteen million euros. to speak about this further let's bring in our political correspondent rupert meter vault rupert it's good to see you for those of us who don't know a great deal about beatrix can you tell us who she is and what she means to the political scene here in germany. as you have already said beatrix from georgia is one of the leading figures of the extreme right populist party alternative for
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germany she serves them as a deputy nida here in the german parliament. she has quite some reputation for using provocative statements to gain media attention in two thousand and sixteen for instance at the height of the refugee crisis she called for german border to police to use weapons against refugees coming in including also women and little children to shoot criticism she said that she didn't really mean to publish this post but that she slipped on the computer mouse. ok so criticism from her is perhaps nothing new but what is new is this new law and that's gone into effect here in germany we're going to bring in live show from our d.w. social media desk now liz what can you tell us about this new law that's now gone into effect. well the new law is called the network and for us men to act it came into effect yesterday on january the first and basically the people who run social
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networks that have more than two million people or users are required to report or to delete any content or that has been reported as violating german laws that has to be deleted within twenty four hours or sometimes within seven days if the legal issue is not very clear and now some the social networks like twitter for example have given you is there is a special option to report when they see content that they believe falls under this law so you click on report there and then you have these different options one of them being that the tweets that you want to complain about is covered by the nets because if that's the long name that you german a law is so this is how it works and facebook for example also has a similar system where you can report to the kind of content that you believe is maybe hate speech or it is a violent and then you can tell them what you are seeing and their facebook has
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also employed more than one hundred people to really deal with hate speech online hunted down and then deleted when necessary ok so that's how social media platforms are reacting but what are users on platform saying so far about this new law. well they asked for no story that you talked about he said that this is censorship has won a big critic of this law and i mean that sentiment is also being echoed by other critics of this law cross the country and also people from outside of germany i can show you an example a tweet here by a british journalist he is says that germany begins twenty eighteen by restricting free speech and free expression on social media under the cover of tackling hate speech but who defines hate speech concerns is this will be widened and used to clamp down on people holding the wrong views but then again there are many people would come pay for this kind of law for many years they are happy and they say that
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this is a step in the right direction thanks for your insights let's show. let's go back now to report was that our parliamentary studio in berlin rupert we just heard some of the reaction on social media but what is the f.d.a. saying they're calling it censorship or yes the calls it censorship but it is a bit hypocritical here because the dea has made it a political tactic to use provocative statements especially on social media twitter facebook and others to gain media attention to get into the media and to communicate with the followers. the they even have made some sort of a secret manual for for for the leaders and which you can read step by step on how to get into the headlines by using a provocative statements first of all you have to publish something that was really provocative for instance something against refugees or muslims then after the
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public outcry outcry you can victimize yourself saying i'm just telling the truth here and everything who wants to see everyone wants to stop me is using anything against me so they have become really good at this so this is a bit hypocritical. from our parliamentary studios thank you. california has become the largest u.s. state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana voters approved the move in a referendum in two thousand and sixteen the change in the law is to set to generate a billion dollars in tax revenue every year but some users say that despite the new legislation they'll still buy the drug on the black market. with these three. cutting the ribbon the owner of this medical center in oakland says he wants california to be a beacon of hope to parts of the world where people are still suffering under prohibit as he put it. customers have been lining up since early in the morning to be the first to take advantage of the change in the law it allows adults twenty one
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and older to buy possess and grow marijuana until now it had only been available for medical purposes. it's history this is serious and i think it's it's been a fish on it's going to help a lot of people a lot of different demographics in the long run been a medical patient for quite some time and my card expired so it was kind of waiting for the food for the new year to legalize and i'm going to come out to w. spoke to the director of a rehab clinic that helps heroin addicts overcome their habit by using cannabis and other states will absolutely follow suit when you see the benefits of california another sister you know washington colorado. oregon none of them have had the negative outcomes. they both very positive. as some buyers of marijuana said on the first day of legal sale it's safer than having to purchase
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their supplies down a back alley but some reckons they'd still use the black market because one of them said it's cheaper. you're watching the news still to come iran's rulers are learning it's all about the economy from banks to supermarkets we take a look at the. economic factors fueling the nationwide protests. that's coming up next in business with benefits. and for all the latest news you can always check out our website dot com thanks for watching.
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us moving it's not resent you know school so long as it read one will twenty eighteen have in store.


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